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Title: Voice Activated Robotics Application Using Off the Shelf Home Automation Components
metadata.dc.creator: José Alejandro Solorio Cervantes
Description: The Internet of Things is a new technology that is already changing the world in which we live by interconnecting physical objects that can collect or transmit information to us and to each other. In this work, with the use of the IoT, it is presented a semi-autonomous utility vehicle using off-the-shelf home automation (smart) components, the system consists of the hardware and software. For the software that will command and control the vehicle, there is a web app enabled for Android devices, and also the applets that can be triggered with the Alexa Voice Service. The hardware consists of inexpensive home automation control devices that operate the semi-automated and voice activated lawn mower at the same price or less than a common ride-on lawn mower. The final product of this work is a vehicle that will serve as a demonstration of a robotics project and also as a utility vehicle. The vehicle can be controlled through voice commands and is capable of moving in four directions at five different speeds. The lawn mower is able to move at an average velocity of 35.7 m/min among its five speeds in grass, and at an average velocity of 20.80 m/min and 16.29 m/min in floor and concrete respectively. The ultrasonic sensors proved their reliability by stopping the lawn mower at an average distance of 7.3 cm of the different obstacles. This work contributes to existing knowledge on the Internet of Things by providing a semi-autonomous vehicle capable of being controlled over the cloud both with voice commands and through a web app, currently, there is limited work done combining these technologies.
Other Identifiers: IoT
Voice Control
Autonomous Vehicle
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